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Our Wines

To make great wine it is essential to produce top quality fruit in the vineyard. By managing our vineyard organically we can truly express the natural terroir of the vineyard and environment in our wine.

Our vines roots reach deep into the soil, which is rich in natural fertility and beneficial organisms without residues left from the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. The fruit is picked at optimal ripeness and taken direct to the winery for immediate processing in our own winery on the estate. Our winemaking philosophy is based on minimal intervention allowing the wines unique, individual characters to shine through.

This produces vibrant fruit driven white wines and elegant red wines of great character that are well balanced, reflecting the harmony of the vineyard.

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Winemaker Steve Gill, after working in some of the best wine regions of the world, is proud to call Nelson and New Zealand home.

“I believe that we make world-class wine in Nelson. The region has the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand and cool nights which produces aromatic wines with an extra special character. I like to use a mixture of traditional techniques learnt working in old-world countries like France and Germany and new world technology like refrigeration and stainless steel tanks. It is this blend of creativity/art and science that I love about winemaking.”

“Working at some of the best wineries in the world, it becomes clear that the best wine is not made but is grown in the vineyard. I am delighted to be making organic wine that has been made working with nature. The best wine is made from minimal interference in the winery.”

Steve has previously made wine at other renowned vineyard's including Greenhough and the cult New Zealand winery Dry River. During that time Steve has been globe trotting around the world to learn as much as possible from the worlds best in other top international wine growing regions. He has worked vintages at Domaine Dujac in Burgundy, Heinz Schmitt in Mosel, Saintsbury in Carneros and Schaetzel in Alsace. So its not hard to work out his favourite wines are riesling and pinot noir!





DIET FrieNdly

All our wines are usually Vegan as we don’t use animal products such as gelatine or fish to fine our wines.

Sometimes they may be vegetarian as we occasionally organic egg whites or milk to fine wines as they are natural and can enhance the wine quality.

Please refer to the back label of each wine for its precise vegan or vegetarian status.


Sulphur dioxide (preservative 220) is a compound that is commonly used in nearly all winemaking. It is a natural product and has been added to wine since Roman times. We add it to preserve the natural colour and flavour in our wine as well as protecting the wines from oxidation which allows them to age beautifully over time.

We know some people are sensitive to sulphur so we endeavour to minimise the amount of sulphur in our wines. Certified organic table wines must have less than 150 mg/litre.  Our wines typically contain between 50 to 95 mg/litre sulphur dioxide. As a result our wines are often sought after by people who find that they can suffer headaches from consuming other wine.

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I love the fact that there is so much to know about wine but also, at the end of the day, it is simply a drink that is full of magic and pleasure.